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EST. 2021    |    INDIA

As artisans of the abstract, XYZ Designs diligently reshapes reality, one piece at a time. Inspired by the exactitude of physics and the alchemy of manufacturing, we transcend mundane norms. Every object we create is an experiment in limit-defiance, a unique silhouette echoing timeless aesthetics. Unshackled from past conventions or future restraints, we conjure designs that mesmerize, elicit wonder, and satiate the craving for visual harmony. At XYZ, we orchestrate a universe where every design narrates an unbounded spectacle.


T H E    D I R E C T O R

Siddhant Bothra, the eminent proprietor and principal designer at XYZ, crystallized the brand's philosophy during his illustrious tenure at the Royal College of Art. There, he imbibed a rich tapestry of multidisciplinary art and design acumen. Subsequently, during his rigorous MSc pursuit at the esteemed Politecnico di Milano in Italy, he collaborated with venerable institutions such as the European Space Agency, Foscarini, and Saes Group, among a distinguished cadre of others. These engagements endowed him with profound insights, enabling him to envision art and design that possesses an unparalleled singularity—a realm of creativity untethered from the conventional, forging a universe distinctly its own.


A fervent passion for mathematics, physics, geometry, storytelling, and philosophy fuels the essence of XYZ. This voracious intellectual curiosity propels the brand to continually innovate, weaving a tapestry of fresh concepts. At XYZ, every facet — from conception to final creation — is meticulously crafted in-house, amalgamating time-honored traditions with avant-garde techniques.

At XYZ, each creation emerges from the heart of India, meticulously crafted by our erudite engineers, budding science scholars, and master artificers dedicated to their crafts. We deeply value the equilibrium of work and life for our team, ensuring their well-being and fulfillment. As we fashion each masterpiece, we approach the process as an enlightening journey, constantly evolving and learning to birth novel wonders.


L E G A C Y    A N D    V A L U E    S Y S T E M    

In the sanctum of XYZ, we treasure the legacy of our generational wood and metal atelier, a symbol of craftsmanship that has flourished since 1986. Though XYZ was established in 2021, the roots of our production go back decades. Guided by the principles of Sedex Certified policies and the Vriksh Foundation, our commitment to environmental sustainability and strict industrial ethics remains steadfast. Siddhant, the founder of XYZ, with his team of diversely talented individuals, has not only carried forward the traditions of this longstanding atelier but has also rejuvenated them with contemporary flair. XYZ showcases products and concepts born from facilities that represent the zenith of Indian design, offering the world a harmonious blend of age-old artistry and modern innovation.

T H E    P R E S T I G E

At XYZ, our partnerships with premier machine manufacturers and pioneers in finishing/polishing supplies ensure manufacturing accuracy and bespoke topcoat solutions tailored to our discerning clients' needs. Additionally, we've forged collaborations with leading fabric suppliers, proudly presenting textiles from esteemed brands. This synergy guarantees that our creations not only showcase impeccable craftsmanship but also embody a timeless luxury.

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