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Q: Are the prices on your website inclusive of taxes?

A: Yes, all prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST). For furniture and lighting products, there's an 18% GST, and for games, it's 12%. Please note, the GST rates are applicable for buyers paying in INR and purchasing within India. International buyers or those paying in other currencies should contact us at for more details.


Q: Where are your products manufactured and are they certified?

A: All our products are proudly manufactured in Jaipur city, India. Additionally, our workshop/factory holds both Vriksh and Sedex certifications.


Q: Will I be charged extra for transportation or customization?

A: Transportation charges are based on the actual cost, both for deliveries within India and internationally (hence, prices displayed on the website are exclusive of transportation charges). As for customization, basic alterations like color, shade, fabric color, and minor dimension changes are free. However, extensive modifications or major dimension changes come with extra charges.


Q: What is the production timeline for your products?

A: Since each product is made to order, the general manufacturing timeline is 6-8 weeks. For larger products, expect 8-10 weeks.


Q: How do material changes affect the price?

A: The listed prices are based on default materials. If you're interested in a different wood type mentioned in our customization section, the cost will vary. For instance, a product priced for Ash wood will have a different price if changed to walnut or teak wood. For specific costs related to material changes, please reach out to us at


Q: Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

A: Yes, we provide tiered discounts based on quantity:  
- 6 to 10 items: 5% off  
- 11 to 15 items: 10% off  
- 16 to 20 items: 15% off  
- 21 to 25 items: 20% off  
- 25+ items: 25% off


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