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Virtual Direction Portfolio

We will help you elevate your unique projects by creating immersive and creative visuals to help your clients understand your product in a much more exciting manner. You can use our services for creating product visualizations, VR immersive viewing experiences, Augmented reality tools for communicating better, and creating spaces and objects for extended reality.

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Project: VR Tour of Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

3D Modelling + Rendering for VR tech and public viewing 

Intricate work on materials, dimensions, and textures for an ultimate immersive experience.  


Project: AR Visual for Assembly Instructions

3D Modelling + Animation Development for AR tech 

Product assembly video for AR application to help the user efficiently understand the product's nature.


Project: Concept Exterior Design for Immersive Experience 

3D Modelling + Rendering  

Project: Concept Interior Minimalist Design

3D Modelling + Rendering  


Project: Product (Automotive) Visualization

3D Modelling + Rendering  


Project: Product (Robotics) Visualization

3D Modelling + Rendering for Animation

Video made for a basic understanding of the product's applications, functionality, and movement limitations.

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