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This range consists of five seating furniture pieces. It acquires its spirit from the concept and the notion of ‘split’. The idea was to take the products that are part of everyone’s lifestyle and give them a narrative and the story of their own. These products are an ode to Japanese design and minimalism.

All the products are available in various colors and finishes. For bulk orders,

all the products can be customized according to your need.

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ZYX Stool
The stool plays with the notion of split in terms of fragmentation. All metal strands are hand-bent to provide a harmonious flow. This stool is a play with three-dimensional geometry. The primary motive was to explore the organic action of split as the strands converge and diverge in the same frame.
Material : Mild Steel
Structure of this chair interprets the concept of split as a dance move, in which, the dancer relies on the stability, balance and core strength while being very expressive and ‘free’.
Material : White Ash Wood
Cross Bones
This study chair explores the idea of splitting the layers. Its design is a fictional take on what would happen if the layers of wood’s edge is split with pressure. The back is designed to look like skin of the wood covering the construction beneath.
Materials : Rohida Wood, Mango Wood
Splitting up the material and the product in literal sense. This bar-stool is a representation of the aftermath of a fictional scenario in which, it got caught up in the duel between two ninjas.
Materials  : Acacia Wood, Mild Steel 
This chair plays with the idea of splitting the key component of a structure. The details in the design, are its metal fixtures that provide the structural strength. The details have been strategically placed, as the motif, ’Three Dots and a Dash’ which is a Morse Code for victory. The chair also has a minimal padding at the back.
Materials : Acacia Wood, Mild Steel