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R E C E N T    C L I E N T S

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Siddhant Bothra started his design journey at the age of 13. He was always inclined toward industrial design and filmmaking. In 2014, he joined Srishti (Bachelor of Design) to pursue both career options; by then, he had already interned for a few months under the mentorship of Mr. Ayush Kasliwal (AKFD). After completing his graduation, he moved to London to study Spatial and Product design, where he designed and developed various modular solutions for utility-based products. For his second master's degree, he moved to Italy to learn Design Engineering and Management at Politecnico di Milano. He got opportunities to work with many world-renowned companies and organizations such as Epta group, European Space Agency, Foscarini, Saes Group, Etc.

He felt the constant urge to create products that tell their own stories throughout his design journey. His ultimate design goal is to make the users more efficient and less dependent on computers. 


C O - C R E A T O R S


Sumit Meena genuinely believes in the power of the emergence of the metaverse. He has gained his Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, and has worked under critically acclaimed designers like Huub Ubbens and Elizabeth Vidal. He has also worked for world-renowned brands such as Guizzini, Techno, Zanotta, and Philips. 

Role: Visual Director

Varshicka Agarwal elevates every project she is a part of by adding minute details that turn out to be super essential. She gained her Bachelor's degree in design from the National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Mumbai. In the past, she has worked with various frontrunners in art and design like Orvi Design studio, The Messy Corner, and Bonito Designs.

Role: Graphic Designer


O U R   S T U D I O

We are equipped with:


A vast library of colors, materials, and finishes

Traditional and state-of-the-art hand-held tools

VR and AR essential gadgets and software(s)

Advanced semi-automated machines for metal and wood manufacturing

Laser and CNC Router for acrylic, wood, MDF, etc.

Sheet metal cutting, welding, and bending machines (automated and semi-automated)

An exceptionally experienced team of makers and artisans.

We are also very well connected with various manufacturers and fabricators in diverse production segments. 

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